Universal Acceptance Day

Regional conference on IDN and EAI mail universal acceptance



Universal Universal Acceptance (UA) is a global movement. The idea of UA arose from the need to make internationalized domain names (IDN) such as .հայ, .中国 (China), .срб (Serbia) or .ලංකා (Lanka) recognizable and universally usable on the internet. The movement seeks to make all valid domain names and email addresses work correctly and equally in all internet-oriented software and raise awareness on further developing of truly multilingual and inclusive internet for all.


The Universal Acceptance Governance Group was established by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, and market leaders Apple, GoDaddy, Google, Microsoft, and Verisign to solve the issue (UASG, uasg.tech).

It assists various stakeholders in getting their systems UA-ready for email and domain name acceptance on a global scale. The UASG has also created training courses and other materials to help developers in the updating of their systems in order to guarantee universal acceptance. UASG organizes UA Local Initiatives and Ambassadors all over the world to work closely with local communities.

UA in Armenia

Armenia has joined the Universal Acceptance movement and is taking the necessary actions to make the Armenian domain (.հայ) and email addresses (e.g. անուն@էլ.փոստ.հայ) accepted worldwide. Armenia is represented by the “Internet Society” NGO, which has been a member of the UASG Local Initiative in CIS and Eastern Europe region since 2020. The working group is creating technological answers for the UA issues.

On March 28, 2023, the first global Universal Acceptance Day (UA Day) will be held.

On Universal Acceptance Day the regional forum for stakeholders in Eastern Europe will be held in Yerevan, Armenia.

During the forum, the outcomes and future possibilities of the work on UA implementation will be discussed.

Under the umbrella of the skills development platform, technical training led by UASG technical professionals will also take place. It will be discussed how local governments and the professional community should work together more successfully to gain widespread acceptability.

The forum will be held in a hybrid format. English and Russian interpretation is available. Registration is required.


09:00 - 10:00 | Registration, Welcome coffee

10:00 - 10:35 | Opening ceremony

  • Avet Poghosyan – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry
  • Igor Mkrtumyan – .am/ .հայ Registry, ISOC AM board chair
  • Danko Jevtovic – ICANN board
  • Dr. Ajay Data – UASG chair
  • Andrey Vorobyev – Coordination Center for TLD RU, Director

10:35 - 11:25 |Plenary session: How to increase inclusiveness and multilingualism on the Internet?

  • Anna Karakhanyan (moderator) – .am/ .հայ Registry, ISOC AM board member
  • Igor Mkrtumyan – .am/ .հայ Registry, ISOC AM board chair
  • Andrew Sullivan – ISOC CEO
  • Leonid Todorov – APTLD, CEO
  • Mikhail Anisimov – ICANN

11:25 - 11:40 | Coffee break

11:40 - 12:40 | Universal Acceptance of IDNs and features of promotion

  • Katarina Gevorgyan (moderator) – ISOC AM board member
  • Kristina Hakobyan – .am/ .հայ Registry, ISOC AM board member
  • Maria Kolesnikova – Coordination Center for TLD RU, Chief Analyst
  • Konstantine Karosanidze – Co-Founder Cloud9.GE
  • Dejan Đukić – Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS), CEO
  • Mikayel Avagyan – Avromic LLC, founder

12:40 - 13:55 | Implementation of IDN and EAI

  • Maria Kolesnikova(moderator) – Chair, UA Local Initiative – CIS-EE
  • Eduardo Alvarez(online) – ICANN, Director, Technical Services Operations
  • Abdalmonem Galila – UASG, Vice Chair
  • Aram Verdyan – .am/ .հայ Registry, ISOC AM board member
  • Avetik Yessayan -Shirak technology LLC, Founder
  • Vadim Mikhailov – Coordination Center for TLD RU, Technical manager at Поддерживаю.РФ project

13:55 - 15:00 | Lunch

15:00 - 16:30 | Technical Training on EAI (part 1)

Email Address Internationalization (EAI) allows non-Latin-based characters in email addresses when sending emails to and from an e-mail server. The training will include the following topics:
  • how to configure email systems to support EAI
  • how to design and develop applications and systems to support UA
  • how UA issues impact the community,
  • how best to address these issues, and highlight business opportunities by being UA-ready
Speaker:  Abdalmonem Galila – UASG, Vice Chair

16:30 - 17:00 | Coffee break

17:00 - 18:30 | Technical Training on EAI (part 2)



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Registration is closed.


Name,Last name Country Organization
Konstantine Karosanidze Georgia Co-Founder Cloud9.GE
Karen Mkrtchyan Armenia ARMCOM LLC
Vadim Mikhaylov Russia The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ
Andrey Vorobyev Russia The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ
Gayane Maghakyan Armenia Master Mind LLC
Beglaryan Arusyak Armenia Master Mind LLC
Aregnaz Chobanyan Armenia Student
Araksya Babayan Armenia Datalayt
Ruzanna Harutyunyan Armenia Women's Voice Radio
Armen Baghdasaryan Armenia Ambulance Yerevan
Arevik Martirosyan Armenia International Information Security School, Dipacademy
Andrey Aleynikov Russia The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ
Hakob Muradyan Armenia Young Programmers NGO
Lilit Manukyan Armenia Young Programmers NGO
Eduard Hovsepyan Armenia RAU
Mikayel Hovsepyan Armenia RAU
Elen Hakobyan Armenia Student
Andranik Minasyan Armenia inoRain
Erik Karapetyan Armenia Student
Narek Baghdasaryan Armenia Prime Systems
Hanak USA One Stop Virtual Shop
Vahram Hovhannisyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Rafayel Karapetyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Anahit Martirosyan Armenia student
Eduardo Alvarez USA ICANN
Anush Asatryan Armenia Women and Information Society NGO
Anna Babahekyan Armenia Freelancer
Shahane Harutyunyan Armenia Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
Roza Muradyan Armenia Modern Ecological Methods foundation
Lusine Gasparyan Armenia newinfo.am
Haykaz Armenia Hayk-Media LLC
Varduhi Ghazaryan Armenia ArmSoft LLC
Arnak Melikyan Armenia ARPINET LLC
Davit Hakobyan Armenia Suart Software LLC
Leonid Todorov Russia APTLD
Margar Hovhannisyan Armenia Internet communication networks
Khachikyan Hovsep Armenia ֆիզիհա9.հայ
Marat Babayan Armenia ֆիզիհա9.հայ
Karen Poghosyan Armenia Hayperspeys
Armen Galstyan Armenia Internet communication networks
Petros Kesablyan Armenia RealTime
Lianna Galstyan Armenia ISOC AM
Kristine Gyonjyan Armenia Union of Operators of Armenia
Gevorg Bldryan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Anna Hakhverdyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Suren Sahakyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Razmik Araqelyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Karlen Avetisyan Armenia ֆիզիկա9.հայ
Aram Verdyan Armenia ISOC
Heghine Fereshetyan Armenia Language committee of RA
Irina Pyzhova Russia CC for TLD RU/РФ
Irina Pyzhova Russia Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ
Avetik Yesayan Armenia Armenia Shirak Technologies
Arnold Dangizyan Armenia Armenia Shirak Technologies
Miqayel Artemyan Armenia Student
Mkrtich Manukyan Armenia Student
Donara Ghazaryan Armenia Protto Legal
Felix Hovhakimyan Armenia Protto Legal
Maykl Hovhannesyan Armenia Protto Legal
Hripsime Petrosyan Armenia Student
Davit Karapetyan Armenia GlobalR.com
Askhat Gimranov Uzbekistan Single integrator UZINFOCOM
Yelena Harutyunyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO
Vahan Hovsepyan The Netherlands RIPE NCC
Nare Vardanyan Armenia Armenia Language committee of RA
Anna Bareghamyan Armenia MasterMind ՍՊԸ
Meri Buniatyan Armenia Student
Gimranov Emil Uzbekistan Single integrator UZINFOCOM
Timur Miyassarov Uzbekistan Single integrator UZINFOCOM
Lilit Galstyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO
Nana Petrosyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO
Hayk Baghyan Armenia STEM
Naira Atoyan Armenia AMI lecturer
Robert Sakanyan Armenia YSU
Karen Poghosyan Armenia Arpinet
Meri Harutyunyan Armenia
Andrey Yarnykh Russia SbD
Hovhannes Terteryan Armenia Ministry of Defence of Armenia
Artak Kololyan Armenia PROITLAB LLC / hayhost.am
Pargev Karapetyan Armenia PROITLAB LLC / hayhost.am
Vardan Martirosyan Armenia Armnic
Tsovinar Kyureghyan Armenia Armnic
Christina Gevorgyan Armenia Armnic
Abdalmonem Galila Egypt National Telecom Regulatory Authority
Mariam Harutyunyan Armenia Armenian Church Youth Organization
Lilia Totolyan Armenia Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
Ani Simonyan Armenia Global AR LLC
Karen Tadevosyan Armenia Suziko LLC
Mher Abrahamyan USA ITMediaUSA
Ani Hovhannisyan Armenia National Assembly of Armenia
Norayr Okroyan Armenia CrossNet
Nicholas Cervantes USA Domain honcho - owner
Narine Mesropyan Armenia National Center of Educational Technologies
Vardanyan Kristine Armenia Yerevan State Basic Medical College
Artak Sahakyan Armenia ArTechblog
Grigori Saghyan Armenia ABCDomain
Mikhail Anisimov Russia ICANN
Igor Mkrtumyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO
Dejan Đukić Serbia RNIDS
Maria Kolesnikova Russia Coordination Center for TLD .RU /.РФ
Vesmira Harutyunyan Armenia ISOC Armenia Chapter NGO
Ekaterina Vedernikova Russia 101domain.ru
Anna Karakhanyan Armenia Internet Society NGO (.am/. հայ Registry)
Narine Derdzakyan Armenia ITC LLC
Kristina Hakobyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO
Ashot Harutyunyan Armenia ITC LLC
Ruzanna Stepanyan Armenia Founder, chief editor of armlife.am news website
Katarina Gevorgyan Armenia ISOC AM NGO